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About us

Optisalt Europa OÜ was founded in 2014 to introduce and offer these natural products to the wider world. Our company uses mostly mail orders and internet sales, 
the aim of which is to help achieve and maintain people's health and well-being.

Optisalt Europa OÜ is the official representative of the research and production team Optisalt in Estonia and Europe, based in Moscow and Altai Krai, Russia.

The research and production team "Optisalt" has:
     • Unique recipes.
     • Realization of unique products based on domestic plant raw materials.
     • Health research
     • Testing of products in Russian state medical institutions
     • Healing the population

"Optisalt" has been taking care of its consumers for the last 17 years!

The product range includes prophylactic products derived from 100% herbal domestic raw materials which have passed state certifications.
Vegetable raw materials - berries, herbs and roots grown in the wild - are harvested and first processed in practically the same place - 
this ensures the least possible loss of collected raw materials. 
The harsh climate of the Altai Highlands and the fertile alpine soils ensure the highest possible content of biologically active substances in the plants. 
Unique cold processing technologies ensure that the uptake process of substances in plants is natural and efficient so it is vastly useful in restoring human health. 

For the creation of unique and innovative products, the research production team "Optisalt" has entered the encyclopedic book "Лучшие инновационные предприятия России" 
(Russia's best innovative companies) and awarded the corresponding diploma. 

The company has received a diploma from the Moscow City Government and the Moscow Center for Scientific and Methodological Management of Health for the best health product
in the class of antiparasitic preparations, and was awarded the diploma: 
"За большой вклад в формирование здорового образа жизни" (For his great contribution to promoting and contributing to healthy lifestyles)

"Optisalt" has been a member of the International Scientific Society of Natural Medicine for many years and is included 
in the Unified Commercial Register of Non-Commercial "Profession Nasoteria Neoproves".